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Unlike most wedding planners, this is not what I always knew I was supposed to do. I did not see my first bride walk down the aisle and immediately know that wedding planning was something I wanted to be a part of. While most little girls were dreaming about their wedding, and playing house, I was not. You could find me swimming in the pool, throwing a football, or running around barefoot, pretending I was on some deserted island, crawling through the bushes or climbing up a tree. I was not girly and I didn’t care. ​ ​


While I have always been creative and had an eye for design, one thing my family always used to poke fun at was my attention to detail. I would bake my sister a birthday cake, and decorate it for hours, making sure every bead of icing was the same size as the next. I would paint my Christmas ornaments with toothpicks to ensure that I could achieve even the smallest detail. I would steal all the candy for the gingerbread houses so that I could make sure I could color coordinate each section. There was something ingrained in me that truly enjoyed making sure that every detail was perfect, and this was the quality that would make me a great event planner. ​


With all that being said, as I began to plan my own wedding, I had not even given the “day of my dreams” an ounce of thought. But I knew that I wanted our wedding to be a perfect reflection of us as a couple, down to every detail! The small details in life, while seemingly insignificant, make us the people that we are. And it is the small details, when they all come together, that make a wedding beautiful.


That is when I knew that I had found a job that I loved! Whether you are looking for help designing your event, or just looking for someone who can help you make your vision a reality, I would LOVE to help you with all the details. ​ ​


I look forward to hearing all about your big event and how I can help you make it a reality. Please shoot me your contact on the contact page, or shoot me an email at Hello@SarahAnnaEvents.com  ​


~Sarah Anna  


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