I could not have imagined planning our wedding without Sarah Anna! We met with a list of experienced wedding planners but Sarah was by far the one for us. When we spoke with her about our vision for the wedding, she understood exactly what we were looking for. She also was excited about our farm-to-table theme and had lots of great ideas from the beginning! 

- Sarah Groves 

"10 Reasons you need Sarah as your Wedding Planner

1. Our wedding was a destination wedding and Sarah had contacts and resources we were not aware of or linked into. Even if you are local she provides strong vendor contacts.

2. Sarah was extremely well organized and had a strong attention to detail that you might miss.

3. She will stay in your budget whatever you determine that to be as a family.

4. She has a creative eye and will added many unique touches to your wedding.

5. Having a Wedding Planner freed up time the day before the wedding allowing me to spend time with guests and family members. “I went on a bike ride with 15 guests and bridesmaids, on Amelia Island, the day before our wedding.” I could only do this because I had Sarah as our Wedding Planner.

6. “The day of my daughter’s wedding I spent my time with the bride and bridesmaids not setting up tables.” “This time was priceless.”

7. She will plan the wedding the bride and groom want. They are most important to Sarah!

8. She was very professional, kind and so easy to work with. “We couldn’t have done it without her expertise, hard work and thoughtfulness.”

9. Sarah kept good communication throughout the planning process, utilizing meetings, being available by phone and using emails keeping us all informed.

10. The wedding day went wonderfully smooth only because we had a professional coordinating the event. Sarah was invaluable to having the wedding my daughter always dreamed she would have!"

- Penny Crimmins, happy mother of the bride


"We had a great experience working with Sarah for month of coordination! Looking back on our wedding day, she and her assistant, Jessica, truly delivered; and did it with such ease and professionalism! She made sure that our 'vision' came to life, and had everything under control. Sarah also has a wonderful relationship with several vendors in the area, so seeing her get to work her magic, while orchestrating the day of details with various vendors throughout the day - proved that she and her team have what it takes to make for an unforgettable event. As many brides probably encounter at some point in the planning process, I was definitely stressed/anxious at times - but Sarah was always calm and receptive, pointing out a more simplistic way of thinking and handling everything. She guided me through what the priorities should and shouldn't be at certain dates leading up to our day, and offered to take on several details for her and her team to facilitate. She really encourages her brides to enjoy the planning process and leave all the stress behind. Looking back at it all, I would encourage you to do the same as well. Brides tend to hold themselves accountable for every single detail, meanwhile, that is what your coordinator or planner is for. I think its important to point out that these coordinators/planners do this professionally weekend after weekend, and have the experience to take on everything that you, as the bride, should let go of (mentally and physically). Let them help you, it will all turn out beautifully!"

-Heather Thomas 

"To say Sarah was heaven sent would be an understatement. This woman truly has all that it takes and more. Her energy and her heart are one of a kind. My friends, family, and bridal party ALL commented on how calm she was during our day of. She got her point across without being rude or demanding which made us so relaxed. I did not lift a finger on my wedding day and it was all thanks to her. This woman is truly one of a kind and I HIGHLY recommend her. We knew nothing of her before we "hired" her and now she will be a lifelong friend! Thank you Sarah Anna Events!!!"

- Shannon Hughes 




"Thinking back to our Wedding I can't believe we were considering doing everything on our own... Once we met Sarah we knew that we had nothing to worry and she was going to help make our day nothing more than perfect! Sarah was always there for suggestions, questions, concerns, and worries. Every time we met she'd always asked what we were most worried about. We loved that because she wanted to do everything she could to make the day as least stressful as possible and that she did. Sarah, thank again for truly making our wedding day the best day ever and for being a good friend along the way!"

- Heather Croft 




"Sarah was my day of, to just help keep everyone on task. But, she went above and beyond that. She checked in on me almost everyday for the two months before the wedding. The day of she was there at 8 in the morning and stayed until midnight doing everything and anything she could. She truly was a life saver and such a joy to work with. I am so glad I had her by my side through it all."

- Courtney Christian 




Sarah was amazing! I can honestly say I don't think we could have done it with out her! From decorations, to last minute errands and telling everyone when/where to be at all times... We would have been lost with out her! Thank you for making our special day so perfect!

- Lauren Townley Cummings 




Sarah was fantastic to work with. As a venue owner, I get to see all kinds of people, styles, work ethic, and talent. Sarah is superb! Sarah is an excellent wedding coordinator and I look forward to working with her again in the future!!!

- Amy Green, Owner of Plantiation Oaks Farms 

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